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How different are we?

1. BANGALORE SCHOOL OF ENGLISH is much more than just a language learning centre. It is more like a family where you enjoy the support and friendliness of teachers and fellow students.

2. At BSE we value the time and money spent by the learners and take every effort to give the best of training to each one so that their purpose of enrolling in the course is absolutely served.

3. We assess the development of the learners constantly and give extra care if anyone is found lagging behind.

4. The friendly or rather homely atmosphere makes the learners, even the ones with inhibitions, free to interact and speak in the class which certainly helps them develop their speaking skills.

5. Our classrooms have a diverse array of nationalities all the time and interacting with the classmates of many different socio-cultural background help all the learners improve their language to an international level.

6. We update our curriculum regularly to match with the growing needs of the time and individual. It is designed bearing in mind all the aspects needed for you to speak English naturally and effectively such as commonly used vocabulary building, usage of grammar, pronunciation improvement and elimination of mother tongue interference (MTI), structure & patterns etc.

7. Our Teaching method is highly interactive using lot of language games and activities. We also use audio visual equipment to make the classes live.

8. Our Teachers are highly qualified and well experienced. They are deeply committed to the students and are ever ready to help at any time.

9. We depend on only highly authentic study materials and change and update them constantly.

10. At Bangalore School of English, we never see language teaching as a business rather it is a passion and a deep commitment to the students. Our enrolment records show 99 percent of the admission are through word of mouth. We have succeeded in building up a satisfied body of students and establishing ourselves as a brand. It is this commitment that has made us the most trusted place to learn English language in India.

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